lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Weekend: living in a bus

I'm so sorry about this rarely apperances on my blog. I can't write as much as I want because I haven't internet at home. Well, really my family have but I can't use it.

Ok, so on...

We are a large group of eighteen teachers who are involved in a marvellous course about CLIL system of learning and teaching languages. I'm very happy. I took the correct decision when I decided to came here, to Cheltenham.

It is not only a course in which I can surely improve my english but English teachers are offering me a large ammount of activities, exercises and tasks, very interesting and clearley useful for our classes. On the other way, I have known a outsatanding group of person who are very kindly and friendly with me. It's likely to make me easy to be here for a couple of weeks.

Looking to the last comment, it seems to be every day on a party. That's completely wrong. We are working every day from 9.00 o'clock to 16.30. English teachers work very hardly and smash us as much as possible. I was afraid of not being commesurate because I noticed my conversational english was not as good as I believed. Quickly its believes and feelings dissapeared so that the other spanish and foreigners guys always tried to help me when I got in troubles.

Ok. And tourism, what's going on?

Yes, of course I did and I hope I'll do. That's the reason for the main title I put on the blog entrance "Weekend: living in a bus". I went day before yesterday to Gloucester and to Tewkesbury abbey. Although the abbey remained to me interesting, Gloucester cathedral was impressive. I can't explain in English all the feelings that a teacher of Art History had when I was inside the building. Never has been in a English medieval cathedral. Outstanding, out of the normal sense. The mixture of normand romanesque style with the perpendicular gothic one create a very marvellous effect. If anybody are or will be in England try to visit Lincoln, Gloucester, York... to look at this shine places.

The cimborrio o the main tower of Gloucester Cathedral

Raquel, Fina, Sonia y Ana before coming inside

The Cloister of the Cathedral

Yesterday, we went to Oxford. What damage has done Harry Potter's film for visiting this city in a quite sense!. Every college which got involved in the film was taken like a castle by a large number of crying and bad-mannered childreen, making large ang huge queques only to see a small piece of the whole college. Nevertheless, the city is marvellous, much more than the medium averange of the British cities. I recommend you sincerely if you have decided to come here.

Ok. See you soon.

Be careful in our destinations!


3 comentarios:

  1. Hi.
    I'm back home.
    I hope see you soon.
    Emjoy your trip!!!

  2. Hello my friend!!
    I see, you are having a great and `busy` time in English lands... I`s fantastic, isn`t it? Discovering new things, new culture and new people throughout the world...
    I supose you have the same problem as ours: not be able to connect whenever you want for answering mails, phoning your close family and writing new posts in your marvellous blog. Even so, I can feel your emotion and happiness thanks to this experience.
    Enjoy and don`t waste the time!!
    Kisses and hugs.

  3. EEhhhh!!!!. I have been really busy!!! All the days we had class from 9.00 to 16.30 with an only and short break at 13.00. As soon as possible I'll try to share all the matherials, exercises, activities y tasks that we learnt on the course. Now, all remains as a long far away memories....