viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

On board.

Ja,ja, ja...just on board.

That's incredible. I have just started my trip to England. I have taken my flight from Vigo because I was enjoying my holidays there. I can't take a direct flight and so that I had to flight first to Madrid.

There is no adjetive that could describe the new airport terminal of Madrid. Enormous, magnificent, functional, marvellous...what I said: no adjetive describes it. The T4 was built by Richard Rogers, famous british architect and was opened on 2004.

Nevertheless how little and poor seemed Heathrow T3 to me when I arrived yesterday. Brits are building two new terminals to connect with this one. At least, it will be a great architectural airport -of course, Heathrow is actually the most import european airpor for number of flights and passangers-.

I am living at brother in law's home in London. North Kensington, closed to Portobello and Landbroke Grove. It's no central London but I think it's a good destination to visit the city. Yesterday night was raining so hard that we could make anything interesting. Well, we visited Little Venice, a big channel used in the XiXth to transport raw matherials and manufactured ones to the north of the city. Beautiful. After this, we went to a thypical london pub near home to drink a couple of pints. Talking about work, life and love. Interesting a lot.

Today, I will visit the London Central Authority, also called City hall , built by Sir Norman Foster and closed to it the beautiful Borough market. By the afternoon, I'll try to go to the National Gallery. This is the only museum remainds me to visit in the city.

That's all folks by now, guys!!!

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  1. In spanish:-)

    Llevada por el viento de noroeste (de Toronto para más señas) he pasado por tu blog. Y aprovecho para desearte un feliz verano y mucha suerte en esta aventura!

    enjoy yourself! kss