lunes, 6 de julio de 2009


The Ten Commandments for the PALE's tripper:

1. Pick two suitcases up to travel because we'll need it for carrying all the things we'll buy in two weeks. One for our clothes and possesions, the other one for gifts and nonsenses.

2. Change money always in an amount quite upper than you thought before planning the trip. Where we put ten hundred you should have put two hundred. Don´t forget that chage rates in anglosaxon countries seems to be a rip-off.

3. PALE expects that every pale male and female will do with his/her duty. In fact, we are going to work and study, aren't we?

4. Remember we all leave down wife, boy/girlfriend, couple or something like that in Spain. Everybody knows that Pale people are smart, pretty, marvellous, handsome/attractive, by the way, irresistible. Forget it would be a problem when we'll turn back home.

5. Don't show we are more prepared than the european averange in our jobs. Please, weight up the enviroment and if we have to wear as slow and clumsy guys, do it.

6. Don't meet with other Spanish people. Well, you may only if he is 180 cms tall and muscular or she is 90 round the bust and 60 round the waist.

7. Speak a lot. Don't worry about pronunciation or grammar, English/US people never try to understand us.

8. Be careful with using usually "speaking in silver". Sometimes, English language is much difficult than we suppose it would be.

9. Make a lot of things, don´t reject any activity they promove during the course weeks. Over our hands fall on the myth of the daily Spanish bingue. We can't disappoint so much people.

10. Don't forget to the other Pale comrades: send an e-mail or and sms to tell them battles and stories about your experiences.



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