martes, 7 de abril de 2009

The PALE has gone...


What a pitty!!
The PALE has gone...

Well. That's no absolutely correct.

Remains two days: one, next week when all of us -except Salomé and Ana Belen- will make the PALE party and second, sixth june, the final language meeting alltogether with a new enterprise from Madrid.

I am going to say a few words growing up from the deepest part of my heart
Marvellous people, incredible relationship between us... Many courses in the last years have been boring or so serious. This one has been crazy, funny, authentic, a fresh air blow from an wide open window. My english is very short when I try to explain my feelings...

Feelings... Kindly Valentin, hurricane Quini, incredible Virginia, brilliant Javier, lovely Mercedes & Inma, ... all of you. Special mention to Ana Belen, an angel felt down from Heaven. An earth-quake in my poor and boring life. Thank you.

Soon, we will be together again. I wish it had never end.

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  1. Thanks Javier for this commemt. It was (and It is,for sure and for long time) a pleasure to know you and all these specials guys.