jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

One Week ago...


One week ago...and seems to have been yesterday night ( well, yesterday night also went out for dinner and took one or two beers).

No, no I'm referring to the PALE's party. BUUUUUFFF! Damn it!!! It was really incredible...!.

Let me tell you an example. 2.30 hour. At "El Nuestro" Pub. Twenty friends dancing, moving on time of the music, laughing, talking and drinking. We looked like a family, even more friends since a lot of years.

We took a dinner at Percor restaurant. We ate quite well and the price was accurate. Neverthelees, someone was upset because the owners and the waiters had unussual behaviours for that restaurant.

I'm very surprise on a pair of things that happened that night:

For example, the full energy that Inma or Mercedes or Lourdes spent all the night. It wasn't strange that Quini, Javi o Virgi did it but watching them dancing and moving without a rest... It was very funny and delicious...!!!

On the other hand, the eldest wore our age with dignity, even more Valentin and me - the very best- were marching on till the sunrise...

Moreover, I'm very surprise with the youngest ones. What incredible ability to drink, dance, speak and enjoy all the night and continue by the morning without sleeping going to Plasencia to buy ¡female shoes!. But when I achieved my third whisky at three o'clock on the night, I just had to stop drinking and had to be concetrated to follow a conversation and even stay alive.
Time is time but not for everybody...

Although I can/might look like an a dirty old man, all our females were delicious, sophisticated, smart and very polished. May I do a top five?. Yes, please... ( that's the best for being writer and reader at the same time, you know...). One, spectacular Nuria. Second, wamp Virgin; Thrid, moving Cristina; Forth, angelic Lourdes; Fifth, seductive Mercedes... Anyway, all deserved to get into the list, of course...

One mention to Ana Belen, Salomé, Isabel, María José and Crist. All were in our hearts and thoughts, I think, although everyone for different reasons. No comments.

Up, down, middle and further down limonchelo in one go... Cheers!!!

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  1. Go, Pale, go
    Run, Pale, run
    dance, Pale, dance
    till the end of the night.
    We are the milk (English traslation, jejejeje)

  2. Another question: What about the party's photos?

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