martes, 2 de junio de 2009

"Mattrester" for one day

Mattrest means in Spanish, "colchón", the place in which we rest on the night, made by wool, nylon, goose feather or something like that. In Spain, long time ago, the mattrest were made by pieces of wool inside a cover. Such cover, I don't know the reason, always had the same colours: lines white and red, "rojiblancas".

That was the reason for saying "colchoneros" to the supporter of the football team Atlético de Madrid SAD. The team wear a shirt with that colours, like the matterest covers in Spain.

I am a supporter of Real Madrid, considered the best football team all over the world in XXth century. But last Christmas holidays I promised to my best friend's son to carry him to see a match of his "beloved" Atlético de Madrid. He is nine years old and his father -my best friend- dislikes football very much.

I swallowed or put up with my disgust and took him to the Atlético de Madrid arena, called Vicente Calderón.
But what a surprise!!!. How marvellous and funny supporters has got that team!!!. They seemed to be like British supporters and I felt inside as I were at Anfield Road or Old Trafford.

It was an incredible experience. Nevertheless, I couldn't change my feelings: I am supporter of Real Madrid but, for a few minutes, I felt very close to the "colchoneros" and their way of life and senses.


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